FAQs and Policies


Is this same as the Kaabo MANTIS? What about the FluidFreeRide MANTIS?

Yes and Yes. Exact same scooter. Same crazy performance. Kaabo is the Manufacturer (https://kaabo.com.cn/). FluidFreeRide is their US distributor - and they're extremely good at marketing, SEO, and selling scooters (and frankly I've heard great things about their customer support). They are a solid company but they overcharge their customers. As scooter enthusiasts/buyers ourselves, we want to provide the best scooters at prices people can afford. By the way, our support is great too - shoot us a message and you'll see.

How are you able to offer such low prices?

We have the thinnest margins in the game and we've been at this a long time with a lot of products. We also ship directly from our distribution center in China. That means we can keep inventory low, and we only ship once - direct to you. Our sales and support staff are in regions that we sell to. We're also passionate about scooters and this let's convince that buying ourselves insane toys is a business expense.

Did you say you ship from China?

Yes, but we don't use any ships. We only use priority air delivery from the likes of FedEx and DHL, tracking numbers and all. Other retailers will put your scooter on a container ship and you can have your dusty ride in 2 months. Our orders arrive within 10 business days. And if we're 5 days late, we'll refund you 5%.

So I change my mind, do I have to return it to... China?

No, we accept returns at our US facility is in sunny California. Ship the scooter back to us unused (customer pays return shipping) and we'll refund you less a 10% restocking fee. If you gave it try and still want to return it, we'll work with you. Contact us to discuss refund options.

Where else do you ship?

The UK and Canada. If you live somewhere else please contact us and we'll see if we can deliver to you. 

And remember...

Always ride safely and abide by laws and regulations where you live, and remember to always wear a helmet! Looking for something a that ludicrous, but not quite plaid?



We accept returns of unused products within 15 days of delivery. Customers pays return shipping to our US facility. We carefully inspect all returns If the product has been opened, but it otherwise unused, will be subject to a 15% restocking/repackaging fee.

If the product has been used, we generally do not accept returns. However please reach out to us and we may be able to work with you or make a buy-back offer.

If you paid with Paypal Express Checkout, 3% processing fee is non-refundable

Order Cancellations

Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order. In order to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, we often begin the shipping process within minutes or hours of receiving an order. Even if we have not yet provided a shipping number, the order may in fact already be on the way to you (generally tracking numbers are only available for the final stage of the delivery - our bulk shippers do not provide up to date tracking information). We always do what we can if it is possible to cancel an order, but once an order has begun transit, it is not cancellable.

We do not ship to Hawaii, please do not order if the shipping address is in Hawaii, if you do, 3% processing fee is non-refundable

If you paid with Paypal Express Checkout, 3% processing fee is non-refundable



We provide a 90 day warranty for manufacturing issues/defects. This does not include consumable parts such as brake pads or tires, or wear and tear. Damage from collision, misuse, or otherwise not using the product as intended is not covered. If you would like to file a claim please contact us and we will provide you with additional warranty claim information.

If the issues can be fixed with a replacement part, we reserve the right to provide that part free of charge, rather than replace the scooter or accept a return.

Note that the following will void any warranty:

  • Using a non-OEM charger or other unusual treatment of the battery
  • Subjecting the item to potentially harmful conditions such as excessive moisture, temperatures below 0 degrees or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Overloading the item, or exceeding the recommended weight limit
  • Any custom modifications


If you have issues with any of our products, but are outside of warranty, contact us and we will make a good faith effort to provide support for one year from the date of purchase. In many cases we can provide the technical know-how and spare parts necessary to fix any issues.

Battery Degradation

Our products use lithium ion batteries which generally have a rated lifetime of up to 1000 cycles, which is typically a number of years, even for a very frequent rider. We always suggest keeping your battery cool, charging slowly, and when storing for a long time, are kept at a mid-charged level. Over or undercharging a battery can accelerate capacity degradation. If you do have battery issues, contact us and we may be able to provide or help you find the necessary parts.

* Same policy apply to WideWheel Scooter 

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