Kaabo Mantis Standard Black Model
The MANTIS - 40mph Ultimate Performance Scooter
Kaabo Mantis Standard Black Model | Back Wheel
The MANTIS - 40mph Ultimate Performance Scooter
shown with optional red anodized components
shown with optional red anodized components
shown with optional red anodized components
Intelligent LCD Display
Minimotor Diplay and Throttle - 24.5Ah only
minimotor  - 24.5Ah only
The MANTIS - 40mph Ultimate Performance Scooter

The MANTIS - 40mph Ultimate Performance Scooter

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If you're reading this, you've seen the reviews, and you may even thing you know what you're getting yourself into with the MANTIS. This is the ultimate performance scooter with incredible handling, power, and a 40mph top speed, yet weighs 15lbs less than comparable scooters in its class thanks to its hi-tech materials, aircraft grade aluminum chassis, and incredible design.

We offer two models of the MANTIS at the lowest prices around. The awesome one, and the honestly kinda ridiculous one:



The MANTIS is available in three colors:

  • Black anodized with red accents (brakes, springs, platform cover)
  • Red anodized components (black frame, red neck and tail, red lower suspension arms)
  • Blue anodized components (black frame, black neck, blue suspension upper and lower arms)


The MANTIS is manufactured by KAABO. https://kaabo.com.cn/




Is this this same as the Kaabo MANTIS? What about the FluidFreeRide MANTIS I keep hearing about?

Yes. Yes. Kaabo is the Manufacturer. FluidFreeRide is their US distributor - and they're extremely good at marketing, SEO, and selling scooters (and frankly I've heard great things about customer support and everything else). They are a great company, but they have to charge a lot to compensate their reviewers with affiliate kickbacks to push their products, looking at you Electrek. https://electrek.co/2019/08/20/fluid-free-ride-kaabo-mantis-electric-scooter/

How are you able to offer such low prices?

We have the thinnest margins in the game and we've been at this a long time with a lot of products. We also ship direct from our distribution center in China. That means we can keep inventory low, and we only ship once - direct to you. Our sales and support staff are in regions that we sell to. We're also passionate about scooters and this lets convince that buying ourselves insane toys is a business expense.

Did you say you ship from China?

Yes, but we don't use any ships. We only use priority air delivery from the likes of FedEx and DHL, tracking numbers and all. Other retailers will put your scooter on a container ship and you can have your dusty scooter in 2 months. Our orders arrive within 10 business days. We'll even refund you 5% if we're 5 days late.

So say I change my mind, do I have to return it to... China?

No, our US returns facility is in sunny California. Ship it back to us unused (customer pays return shipping) and we'll refund you.

What else happens if I buy from Zuumers instead of from FluidFreeRide, or anywhere else?

You tell us. So far only satisfied customers.

Where else do you ship?

Currently the UK and Canada. Both places have relatively lax regulations regarding personal electric vehicle imports and usage. If you live somewhere else please contact us and we'll see if we can deliver to you.

And remeber...

Always ride safely and abide by laws and regulations where you live, and remember to always wear a helmet! Looking for something a that ludicrous, but not quite plaid? Check out the dual 500W motor WideWheel by Mercane at www.widewheelscooter.com.